7 Ways to Foster Independence in Your Children

Guest post written by Jen Holden

Think of a time in your teenage or early adult life when you were most proud of yourself. Who was there?

I’ll bet you recalled a time when you did something totally independent of your parents. They weren’t there to hold your hand, tell you what to do, and give you all the steps to success.

You did it all on your own, and that’s what made you feel proud.

Likewise, we all want our children to become independent thinkers, problem solvers, and self-monitors, but a common problem today is that parents often “hand hold” every step of the way.

Parents tell their children how to do things and when to do them, which causes children to look to their parents for help in everything they do. This is the opposite of independence. Continue reading “7 Ways to Foster Independence in Your Children”

How to Choose Toys Your Kids Will Love

One of the things parents are often unprepared for once they start having kids is the role toys will play in everyone’s lives.

Obviously we know and understand that kids will play with toys – that’s what kids do! But navigating constant toy marketing at every turn, little hands tugging on your shirt pleading for the latest fun toy on the market, and the inevitable playroom messes that come from saying “yes” too often to those pleading requests can be more than a little overwhelming for any parent! Continue reading “How to Choose Toys Your Kids Will Love”